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Japanese (Robert De Bock)

Aiki Forum Discussions - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 08:26
Introductions: Japanese - 0 Replies

From: Robert De Bock on Mon, 28 Sep 2020 08:26:35 -0600

Hello everybody, What does "doka" mean ? Robert from"Aïkido Bushido Club Wezembeek-Oppem" in Belgium
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50+ Business and Corporate WordPress Themes

Vandelay Design - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 02:15

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We need dojo help (Peter A Goldsbury)

Aiki Forum Discussions - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 17:36
Anonymous: We need dojo help - 15 Replies

From: Peter A Goldsbury on Fri, 25 Sep 2020 17:36:36 -0600

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A Place For Everything

Aiki Blog - Wed, 09/23/2020 - 16:04
A Place For Everything

A place for everything
And everything in its place
Such easy, simple, and sound advice

Shoes all lined up
Paired as they should be
Books listed by alphabet and subject
Easy, simple, sound
Life as contained as a Bible verse

What's that shoe doing over there
In that dusty corner?
Is that a book I see
Nestled in with the fire logs?

Does the sun remain locked in place?
The moon stationary in the night sky?
The rain only wet you once?

Sitting on the green hillside
Overlooking the flowing river
Clouds playing with the rising sun
An ant crosses over my bare foot

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How to Create an IM Notification Icon

Vandelay Design - Wed, 09/23/2020 - 09:03

In today’s tutorial, we’re going to explore the process of creating a simple IM notification icon, using nothing more than a couple of basic geometric shapes that we’re going to adjust here and there. So, assuming you already have the software up and running, let’s jump straight into it! Tutorial Details: IM Notification Icon Program: […]

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Athletics in aikido (Peter Kelly)

Aiki Forum Discussions - Tue, 09/22/2020 - 13:41
Training: Athletics in aikido - 12 Replies

From: Peter Kelly on Tue, 22 Sep 2020 13:41:43 -0600

This has been an interesting yet I am sure unpopular discussion. I came to Aikido after 3 seasons as a professional athlete. Years of training 6-8 hours a day, plyometrics, weight and strength training, flexibility training and endurance training. I was rather astounded at what I believed a lack of athletic ability I saw in the dojo's I trained at and visited. You are right in saying that athletics in Aikido is almost discouraged, and strength is a dirty word, but that is because the word strength and power are understood to be the same thing by those uninitiated in understanding functionality of the physical structure. A person can have strength, a weightlifter for example can isolate parts of there structure and generate force from bulk. But a great athlete uses the entire structure as a whole, not as a segmented isolated part, to generate power from the root of the structure, the ground, through the structure to an intended point. Ground reactive force is not new to any athlete that had to develop a high vertical jump (mine was 41inches at my peak), and body shape and alignment as you stated are not foreign to anyone that has spent considerable time doing gym weights work, especially deadlifts. I still believe the founder encouraged farming in his students to develop these physical skills. Having grown up on a farm, the amount of repetitive lifting, digging, carrying and bending done on a daily basis forces the body to understand how to generate efficient power, and how to repeat such movements without to much duress over long periods of time. Decades later I still have a weight lifting program I follow, to keep a sense of connected power, and to try to preserve the stabilising muscles that surround knees that have taken a beating from many years of jumping. I try to encourage such pursuits in my students. I found it a breath of fresh air to read this post, and I will continue to encourage those that train in Aikido to get a stronger grasp on what in means to live in a proprioceptive, kinaesthetic, strong connected structure. And I support your observations entirety. Thank you.
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Obituary: Hiroshi Somemiya Shihan (1932-2020) (Jun Akiyama)

Aiki Forum Discussions - Mon, 09/21/2020 - 07:52
AikiWeb System: Obituary: Hiroshi Somemiya Shihan (1932-2020) - 1 Replies

From: Jun Akiyama on Mon, 21 Sep 2020 07:52:10 -0600

The rest of the obituary as submitted follows: [quote]Somemiya Shihan was fluent in English and Russian, a person of deep culture and a true gentleman. He was a direct student of the Founder. His style of Aikido was reminiscent of that of the late Kisaburo Osawa Shihan. The way he taught was very hands-on. He would practice with everyone on the mat, transmitting his techniques through physical contact. He always encouraged his students to develop their own character and seek their own path in Aikido through consistent training. But he also always stressed that we must keep in mind that the techniques comprise only the surface of what Aikido is, and that there is much more depth to Aikido, a much deeper meaning that O'Sensei intended. That this unseen aspect is most important. To seek this elusive ideal is very difficult and is an endless struggle. Somemiya Shihan never aspired to be a great teacher but saw his role as an administrator in helping to promote Aikido across the world. He was fiercely loyal to O'Sensei and Second Doshu, and served whole-heartedly at Hombu Dojo and at the IAF. He was an unsung hero of the international Aikido movement. Few people would realize the difficulties of promoting Aikido across boundaries and cultures, and the difficulties in resolving the inevitable human clashes and politics in an international organization. Somemiya Shihan hated organizational and inter-personal politics but accepted that it was within his duties to resolve conflicts and restore harmony within the Aikido community. It was an unenviable and thankless task which he took on without complaint. To him, the elusive ideal in Aikido is harmony, an eternal harmony with oneself, within our community and society. It was the ideal he was always striving for. In recent years his health deteriorated and Somemiya Shihan refrained from travelling and teaching. Our General Secretary Angela Lee visited him every year and frequently talked to him checking on his condition. He was all well until we were sadly informed that he passed away peacefully at home. Due to the Covid situation his family held a private funeral. Somemiya Shihan is now resting in eternal peace. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by Aikido members all across the world. Please join us in praying for the repose of his noble soul.[/quote] -- Jun
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30+ of the Best Halloween Fonts for Fun and Spooky Designs

Vandelay Design - Mon, 09/21/2020 - 04:15

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Obituary: Hiroshi Somemiya Shihan (1932-2020)

Aiki News - Mon, 09/21/2020 - 00:51
Obituary: Hiroshi Somemiya Shihan (1932-2020)
From: Michael Leung posted on 21. Sep 2020, 06:51am

It is with great sorrow and deep regret that we have to announce Hiroshi Somemiya Shihan, 7th Dan Aikikai, passed away peacefully at home on 11th September at the age of 88. Somemiya Shihan is the Patron of our Dojo, Hong Kong Aikido Kan, a role he kindly took on following the passing of his close friend Kenneth Cottier Shihan in June 2008. He was also the former General Secretary of the International Aikido Federation (IAF) and Head of Overseas Department at Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Somemiya Shihan contributed greatly to the development of Aikido across the world, especially in Hong Kong and in other countries in Asia. [More details in forum thread]

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    Patty Saotome Sensei Passes Away (AikiWeb System)

    Aiki Forum Discussions - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 11:17
    AikiWeb System: Patty Saotome Sensei Passes Away - 0 Replies

    From: AikiWeb System on Sun, 20 Sep 2020 11:17:40 -0600

    Posted 2020-09-20 11:17:13 by Jun Akiyama I have received news that Patty Saotome (7th dan shihan, [url=""]Aikido Schools of Ueshiba[/url]) has passed away. She was a longtime student of Mitsugi Saotome (8th dan) since 1975 and taught at various dojo including the Sarasota Aikikai Dojo, Aikido Shobukan (Washington DC), Chicago Budokan, and the ASU Aiki Shrine (Myakka City, FL). She was instrumental in translating her husband’s work into English including for his book “Aikido and the Harmony of Nature” for which she also edited and did the photographic work. My condolences go out to her family, friends, students, and loved ones. ___________________ ~~~ To submit a news item to AikiWeb's front page, [url=""]click here[/url]. ~~~
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    Patty Saotome Sensei Passes Away

    Aiki News - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 04:17
    Patty Saotome Sensei Passes Away
    From: Jun Akiyama posted on 20. Sep 2020, 10:17am

    I have received news that Patty Saotome (7th dan shihan, Aikido Schools of Ueshiba) has passed away. She was a longtime student of Mitsugi Saotome (8th dan) since 1975 and taught at various dojo including the Sarasota Aikikai Dojo, Aikido Shobukan (Washington DC), Chicago Budokan, and the ASU Aiki Shrine (Myakka City, FL). She was instrumental in translating her husband’s work into English including for his book “Aikido and the Harmony of Nature” for which she also edited and did the photographic work. My condolences go out to her family, friends, students, and loved ones.

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    The Art of Peace by George Ohsawa (Fred Little)

    Aiki Forum Discussions - Fri, 09/18/2020 - 06:35
    Marketplace: The Art of Peace by George Ohsawa - 0 Replies

    From: Fred Little on Fri, 18 Sep 2020 06:35:41 -0600

    Translated by Wm. Gleason, one dozen volumes of NOS have popped out of a box and are now available for purchase on eBay at the following link:. [url][/url] Also published under the title "The Book of Judo," this volume is not a how-to introduction to either judo or aikido, or for that matter, macrobiotics, but rather, is an overview of the common principles of macrobiotics, judo, and aikido, with thumbnail biographies of Kano and Ueshiba. This small reserve of volumes was first unearthed at the time Bond Street Dojo moved from its original location on, well, Bond Street, to the fur district, on its way up to its current location in Spanish Harlem. From there, it rested on my shelves until now. Yes, I'm keeping one. For now. Anyway, if you're interested, see the link above. FL
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    101 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog

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    Primary Techniques for Self Defense (Hansel Wong)

    Aiki Forum Discussions - Thu, 09/17/2020 - 04:48
    Techniques: Primary Techniques for Self Defense - 87 Replies

    From: Hansel Wong on Thu, 17 Sep 2020 04:48:08 -0600

    Look at Gozo Shioda Shihan's randori. He only ever uses three moves; A straight palm thrust up the chin, atemi in other words; Taisabaki/Ryotedori Kokyunage; Ushiro Taisabaki or the shoulder shrug to deal with opponents coming from behind. The technique is not important. The most important is the Aiki, which is a matter of timing and leading. If you get the Aiki right, you can use any move which works and it will still be Aikido.
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    Beautiful Free Autumn Wallpaper Desktop Backgrounds

    Vandelay Design - Wed, 09/16/2020 - 03:43

    Fall is my favorite season of the year. The beautiful colors of the changing leaves are definitely one of the reasons, and the cooler weather is certainly a welcome change after the heat of summer. There is just something special about fall weather. What better way to enjoy the beginning of the season than to […]

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    Budo Renshu: seven years after (Ivan Labushevskiy)

    Aiki Forum Discussions - Tue, 09/15/2020 - 11:33
    Techniques: Budo Renshu: seven years after - 0 Replies

    From: Ivan Labushevskiy on Tue, 15 Sep 2020 11:33:06 -0600

    Hi folks. I have a little story about Budo Renshu to share. It has started seven years ago when I looked for different topics on this forum. Thread about [URL=""]Budo Renshu[/URL] is still here and you may briefly look for it if you're curious. For the next seven years people from our study group (some of them that still practice) became familiar with most Ueshiba's techniques, so we played around Budo Renshu a bit and created this [URL=""]demo[/URL]. After seven years we have chosen seven techniques from every chapter with some variations. This demo do not provide some details about techniques and might be treated as one of variation about how it was hundred years ago. At this point story stops but we'll see what happens next :) Take care and keep going with your practice.
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    The Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

    Vandelay Design - Mon, 09/14/2020 - 02:57

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    Carousel ($50)

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    The Judoka who defeated Kyuzo Mifune, Sokaku Takeda & Morihei Ueshiba : Kenpachi Murai ...

    Aiki Forum Discussions - Sat, 09/12/2020 - 06:05
    General: The Judoka who defeated Kyuzo Mifune, Sokaku Takeda & Morihei Ueshiba : Kenpachi Murai - 0 Replies

    From: Igor Vojnović on Sat, 12 Sep 2020 06:05:24 -0600

    [url][/url] Anybody know if any of the information in the video is true or just myth?
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    13 Related Services for Web Designers to Offer

    Vandelay Design - Fri, 09/11/2020 - 03:59

    If you offer web design services to clients, regardless of whether you’re a freelancer or running an agency, there are plenty of other related services that you could offer. By offering additional services, you’ll be able to increase the revenue that you earn from the average client, meaning that you can make more money with […]

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    Dueling with O-Sensei: Book Review

    Aikido Journal - Wed, 09/09/2020 - 19:19

    A book review of Dueling with O-Sensei, authored by Jonathan Swift. Jonathan holds a 5th degree black belt in aikido and Shidoin at Tenzan Aikido in Seattle where he has studied with Bruce Bookman since 2004.  He also holds a blackbelt in iaido in Shito-ryu karate.

    This review is of the updated and expanded edition of Dueling with O-Sensei, published in 2016 (with over 1/3 more material than the original edition published in 2000). This book, authored by Ellis Amdur, is an important contribution to the aikido world, providing an unvarnished and unexpected perspective on the martial art of aikido and some of its best known personalities. 

    Shifting between the deeply personal and academic, “Dueling with O-Sensei” is a series of essays, ranging from short vignettes on important aikido figures, to Ellis’s own felt experience and growth as a martial artist and human being.  Writing for martial artists, the author, through personal story, historical reconstruction and philosophical musing, eggs the reader on asking “why are you doing this?”

    Terry Dobson with Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei)

    The book opens with the weight of Terry Dobson, a larger than life figure who spread the notion of aikido as a higher form of conflict resolution in the United States.  The painting of Dobson is of a boisterous yet sad romantic who became a father figure to Ellis.  Terry, by many accounts, had an enormous presence and wholehearted faith that aikido would bring a great peace to the world.  He was also flawed, and Ellis finds a way to compassionately share stories that bring a complete picture of the man.

    Several chapters unravel the many historical paradoxes and myths surrounding the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.  The retelling is unvarnished and complicated, revealing the imperfections and facets of a historical figure who was not, after all, supernatural or a saint.  The author directly challenges the reader to let go of these myths, and instead, embrace the dualism of violence and love, peace and war, and student and master to come to your own understanding.

    Exploring the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of aikido and other martial arts, Ellis enlivens the narrative with his professional and personal experiences with sometimes awful situations with people on or past the edge of rage and madness.  These dangerous interplays point to the reality of the risk and edge of putting any art, particularly aikido, into the real world. A common thread that runs through the book are descriptions of the varying forms of abuse at the hands of instructors and senior teachers.  You may cringe because of your own experience, but Ellis explores this at a deeper psychological level not only asking why this happens but why do people put up with this in the first place – why do we accept abuse?

    You may not love every chapter, but there is enough story, conviction, and fascinating characters to keep the reader engaged through the end.  If you have trained for a few years, you will recognize many of the personality archetypes that show up in the book: the savant, the holy fool, the unlikeable. And in that way, the author points you back to look at your own experience to penetrate the truth, and challenging you to get real about your own practice.

    There are many stories of known and unknown martial arts greats which leave the reader wanting to see and understand more.  One of my favorites is of Nishio Sensei as “aikido’s future” pushing the art beyond what the founder taught to something more modern and relevant to today’s world through his own creative synthesis.  He seamlessly blended the best of his diverse “hard art” experience with the aikido that he was taught. Nishio Sensei fully grasped and taught mixed martial arts fifty years ago.   Astounding.

    Shoji Nishio (left) with Morihei Ueshiba (center)

    And here is the higher aspiration epitomized in a real person (Yasunori Kuwamori):

    “He led a group of people without domination or intimidation or charisma – he led through warmth and openness.  He trained to make himself stronger, just because it gave him joy to do so, not out of any pompous proclamation of forging his spirit nor in a fantasy that he was a 20th century warrior.”

    Ellis directly implores the reader, “How will you use your power, your understanding of harmony acquired in aikido practice?”  Dueling with O’Sensei respectfully urges you to be bigger than your concept of the art, bigger than yourself, and embracing the larger sphere of humanity and purpose.

    Dueling with O’Sensei by Ellis Amdur can be found here.


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