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Product Designer [ Jul 2007 - Jun 2013 ]

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Archimedes was an independent Healthcare Modeling organization located in San Francisco. It was eventually purchased by Kaiser Permanente. Its core technology - the Archimedes Model - was a mathematical model of human physiology, diseases, interventions and healthcare systems. The Model was highly detailed, rigorously validated and made available for use by health plans, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and other organizations to help understand and resolve vital clinical and administrative healthcare questions.
Archimedes was a wholly owned, for-profit, subsidiary of Kaiser Permanente. It was bought by Evidera, a subsidiary of Symphony Health.

I was the lead designer for the companies web assets (sites and applications). I also performed management and administration of the company's IT infrastructure including network, client-server topology and telecommunications. Myself and a colleague supported an organization of approximately 60 - 70 employees. The role required excellent organizational ability as one was often wearing many hats on a day to day basis. The position reported into the VP of Engineering.


  •  Platforms: Windows, Linux.
  •  Webstack: XAMPP, LAMP.
  •  CMS's: Drupal, MediaWiki.
  •  Wireframing: Axure Pro.
  •  Mapping: FreeMind.
  •  Graphics: Photoshop CX.
  •  Code: Textpad Pro, Eclipse, Aptana Studio.
  •  Repo: Subversion.


  • Design lead for company's internet based offerings; wireframes, demos, prototypes, web sites and applications.
  • Webmaster for the company's corporate web site.
  • Linux server administration.
  • Administrator of a distributed grid based computing environment.
  • IT Admin for the company's internal and external datacenters.
  • Windows Server and client administration.
  • Network and telecomms support (Firewall, routers switches and PBX).
  • IT Project Management.
  • Vendor Mgmt.
  • Client and Server configuration and administration including Virtual servers.
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