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Senior Web Developer [ Jul 2003 - Nov 2006 ]

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PGP Corporation was a global leader in email and data encryption software for Enterprise Data Protection. Based on a unified key management and policy infrastructure, the PGP® Encryption Platform offered the broadest set of integrated applications for enterprise data security. PGP® platform-enabled applications enabled organizations to meet industry needs and expand as security requirements changed for email, laptops, desktops, instant messaging, smartphones, network storage, file transfers, automated processes, and backups.

PGP was acquired by Symantec.

Reporting into the IS & T department. This position entailed developing supporting and maintaining corporate web sites and applications.


  •  Platforms: Windows, Unix.
  •  Webstack: XAMPP, AMP on FreeBSD.
  •  CMS's: Drupal, MediaWiki.
  •  Wireframing: Pencil.
  •  Mapping: FreeMind.
  •  Graphics: Photoshop CX.
  •  Code: Textpad Pro, Aptana Studio.
  •  Repo: Subversion.


  • Responsible for technical facets of all Marketing web pages and campaigns involving third party application service providers.
  • Integration of PGP’s web site under auspices of Cascade Server (Content Mgmt System by Hannon-Hill).
  • Setup and integration of Google Mini Search engine.
  • Analyzed business needs, developed PRDs, created development proposals and scoped projects.
  • PHP development and propagation of leads into Salesforce CRMI.
  • Responsible for 'single sign-on' within PGP - MyPGP.
  • Responsible for Wiki administration using Confluence and Jot.
  • Developed, administered and maintained Corporate Intranet.
  • Maintained the PGP Corporate Website and Partner Portal.
  • Creation of Marketing bulk email templates and administration of Corporate eCampaigns (subscription based bulk email).
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