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Web Developer [ Sept 1999 - Mar 2003 ]

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When I worked at ChemConnect, it was a business-to-business eCommerce trading site. Its primary focus was the trade of bulk chemicals between buyers and sellers via Java and .NET based web applications. It also offered a vertical Chemical News Portal (MyChemConnect) for its members, based on the Yahoo News portal paradigm.

Subsequently, the etrading floors have been sold off and the company now appears to be involved in supply chain management.

I reported into the Design and Delivery team and then later, into the Engineering department. My role was concerned with the maintenance of web sites, a news portal and some associated e-trading floor web applications written in Perl and Java.


  • Developed Java Proxies to Administer and render Chemical News inside an Epicentric Portal.
  • Administered Epicentric Portal Server matrix beneath Market News Portal.
  • Perl Dev to FTP third party site, download data, and write it to an Oracle database.
  • Developed a Java Proxy to render ChemConnect’s ExchangeWatch module.
  • Developed, tested and maintained environments for Corporate Portal on Development, QA and Production Solaris Servers.
  • Created documentation for Market News Portal.
  • Designed and managed corporate IntraNet ( CGI via Perl, HTML, JavaScript ).
  • Designed Front end UI for Chemical Industry News Portal, Market News ( formerly My ChemConnect ).
  • Developed Training Demo's for Sales Force in HTML and JavaScript.
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